4 errands you should never run whilst at work!

You know the feeling – you have a busy day at the office but have this nagging little voice in the back of your mind, reminding you of essential errands to carry out. But when you are at work, how do you make the time to fit in urgent or important personal chores alongside the duties you get paid to carry out? Unless you have a very lenient boss or manager who will turn a blind eye to the time you take out to do errands, you are going to come unstuck. Filling up your lunch-break with errands is another option but what does this do to your relaxation, rest and eating time?

Let others run your errands

Even if you run your own business, personal errands can soon take over and at the end of the day, your to-do list is just as long as it was at the start. Zero work equals zero pay so if you want your business to be a profitable one, these chores just have to take a back seat. But what if there was a way to get errands run, keep control and still keep to your budget? The good news is that by letting other trusted professionals take care of these errands on your behalf, you win in every direction; work doesn’t suffer, the chores get done and you retain your sanity, ending up stress-free.

Here are just four errands that you should never run whilst at work:

Shopping for birthdays

You have made the huge mistake of forgetting your significant other’s birthday and don’t want to face the music if you return home with zero to present to them. Do you take some time out of the office and run … Continue reading

Cleaning your car

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Walking the dog

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Dinner party shopping

You may have time to cook it but what about shopping for ingredients? Finding just what you need in one shop is going to be unlikely but you can make life easy; provide your errand runner with a list.

Senior citizen? Let an errand runner take care of your chores

As we get older, many of us suddenly realize that all the jobs we used to do ourselves without a second thought become harder.  From tough tasks like gardening and spring cleaning to everyday chores like putting the bins out … Continue reading

So as you can see, getting an errand runner to cover for you makes so much sense. You save time, stress and money. The only question is, which errand are you going to get run today?