Errand Plus & Personal Services for businesses

Whether you are a small or medium sized business or a large non-profit organisation or corporation, Errand Plus & Personal Services are here to help you.

Experience has taught us that for every business on the planet, no matter your industry sector or type of activity, time is money. This can be applied to both management and employees. Errand Plus have one goal as a company and that is to assist all types of businesses with attending to those chores, tasks and sometimes annoying irritations that prevent you from focusing on work-related duties.

We run errands for all types of businesses

We provide three different types of errand running services. Each one is for 10 hrs a month and there is no other contract involved. You can choose from Corporate Errands, Employee Errands and Executive Errands (suitable for selected employees). If you need more than 10 hrs per month then you can opt for our Maxi Package and use the 20hrs for a mix of Corporate, Employee and Executive Errands and On-site Errand service. Each package is very flexible and bespoke to suit your needs.

Check our errand packages here:

Corporate Errands

This is great if you are looking for an errand package that will cover a mix of office-related errands such as deliveries to clients. In the past, clients have used this package to cover:

  • Post office trips
  • Delivery of fruit, drink or cakes
  • Buy and deliver office supplies
  • Buy and put in place party supplies
  • And much more.

Employee Errands

Employers tend to use this package when they want to recognise the hard work of an employee or team. This can be included as a benefit when recruiting. Clients often use this package for:

  • Personal shopping
  • Dry cleaning drop off and collect
  • Purchase of gifts

The list goes on.

Executive Errands

Clients use this to provide personnel with their own personal Errand Runner to tackle their personal To Do lists. Why waste executive manpower for these non-essential chores when we can take care of them on their behalf? If you select this package, then we will run any type of errand, domestic or personal, required by your business executives and top management.

On-site Errands

We work on site at your home or office, carrying out any type of errand that you need assistance with.
There is no limit to the amount or type of errands that we can run.

Contact us now to purchase an errand running package for your business.