Senior citizen? Let an errand runner take care of your chores

As we get older, many of us suddenly realize that all the jobs we used to do ourselves without a second thought become harder.  From tough tasks like gardening and spring cleaning to everyday chores like putting the bins out and shopping; each one can take its toll.

So as an older person, what can you do to make your life easier and more pleasant, giving you back some control over your everyday activities?  This is where a friendly and courteous errand runner can help. They will take care of all the chores that you find difficult at a cost that you can afford.

Why use an errand running service?

As an older person living in the community, particularly if you live alone, having someone to help and run your errands comes with plenty of benefits:

  • Improve your health and sense of well-being
  • Minimise loneliness
  • Promote inclusion
  • Save money by not having to use more costly services

If you value your independence and need a little help but prefer not to have someone in your home on a regular basis, an errand runner can be there when you want them at a time to suit you.  Because you communicate with your helper on a direct basis, you know exactly who will be coming to your home.  You also have total peace of mind, knowing that they have been fully security approved, DBS checked and that you can trust them completely.

What sort of errands can I get help with?

A professional errand runner will take care of any task or chore that you don’t want to deal with.  Here are just a few examples:

Shopping – provide them with a list and budget and get your shopping purchased, delivered and stored away in your cupboards.

Putting out the bins – let your errand runner know the bin collection timings and they can put out and bring back in your bins on a one-off or regular basis.

Cleaning – do you need someone to vacuum, tidy the house or simply do some washing of dishes?  All of this can be taken care of.

Washing clothes – if you struggle to use the washing machine and get clothes dried afterwards, let your helper do it all.  They can even peg your washing on the line and bring it in later, neatly fold and put away.

Can I afford an errand runner?

When you use a reputable and professional errand runner, you will find them reliable, trustworthy and affordable.  Because their time is charged in ½ hour increments, they can provide you with a cost up-front so that you know exactly how much you will need to budget.  As a senior citizen, you also get a 5% discount.

Why struggle when an errand runner can provide a real helping hand, anytime and anywhere to suit you and your needs.  Next time you are struggling with a chore, simply get in touch with your local errand runner and get professional help in a friendly and affordable way.

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