At Errand Plus and Personal Services we do exactly what the name says; we run your errands so you don’t have to!

Are you fed up of not having enough hours in the day, continually running in circles and achieving nothing? Then you need us in your life. Whether it’s at home or work, we take care of every type of errand, leaving you with more time to focus on the important things.

Why suffer from stress and burn-out when we have the ability to help quickly and affordably?

So how does Errand Plus and Personal Services work?

We have made our service easy to use and simple to understand.

1. Browse our site – find the service that is closest to the errand that you need running

2. Fill in the form – give us more details, particularly if your errand is something bespoke

3. Select the best offer – when prices come in, make your choice

You are ready to go!

All of our errand runners are DBS checked and are totally reliable and trustworthy.

So why use Errand Plus and Personal Services?

Don’t miss out – try our service now and see for yourself just how

Fast . Adaptable . Budget friendly

What sort of errands do we run?

As far as errand running goes, nothing is too much trouble or too complex. Here are just a few of our most popular errands:

  • Working with busy companies – organise lunches, deliver packages, do airport pick-ups and drop-offs, purchase gifts for clients or organise rewards for employees
  • Working with domestic clients – cooking, cleaning, gardening, dealing with laundry or dry-cleaning, railway station drop-offs and collections, clean cars, ironing

The list is endless.

You can take a look at the services we offer or get in touch with us. 01603319998